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List of Top Tech Companies in Uganda

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Top Software and Mobile Development Companies in Kampala, Uganda

If you are a recent IT graduate or a professional; you need to read this. You need to know the top ICT companies in Uganda. To all the IT nerds and gurus out there, if you are looking for a more challenging and rewarding career, the best place to start; in my opinion is with an IT company. An IT company is a company whose core business is to provide technology services and/or solutions.

Obviously, technology is the driving force behind every industrialized nation of the world. Countries with good technological infrastructure are generally progressive and export driven.

The scope of the industry is growing as there are many IT companies emerging in Uganda. There are also many new projects offered by the IT/software companies in Kampala.

These are the Top 10 tech companies (in no particular order) making the rounds in Uganda in 2018.

1. Yo! Uganda

Incorporated in 2006, Yo Uganda is among the first Mobile Value added service providers in Uganda. They offer services ranging from Merchant Payments, Bulk Payments, Branch-less Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile VAS (SMS, USSD, IVR) as well as Custom Software Development.

Their solutions enable some of the largest businesses in Uganda accept mobile money payments through Point of Sale devices, Mobile Applications or the Web and Customers include financial institutions, NGOs, SMEs and even individuals.

2. Technobrain Uganda

Located on Plot No: 9/10. Floor/Suite No: 1sr Floor, Unit 13/14, Metropole House. Street: Entebbe Road, Technobrain is a multi-national ICT company with footprints in a number of countries including Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Burundi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland (now eSwatini).

Company is part of the Technobrain group offering custom software application development services & innovative IT solutions across industries, IT Training, BPO services among others.

3. Laboremus Uganda

Located in Bugolobi, it’s an ICT company specializing in customized software development to help in solving your business problems. The company is backed by personnel with wealth of experience in the domain. Laboremus Uganda has a large team of full time developers, in addition to project managers, business development advisers and administration staff.

They have already provided solutions to banks, SMEs, Non-profits and government.

4. Jentroy Uganda

The company is a new hit on the market, proving to be an unmatched contender especially in the software development market space. Jentroy specializes in building intuitive, user-friendly web and mobile solutions and has worked with top industry players like banks, microfinances, non-profits/NGOs, multinational agencies as well as small businesses.

They have a team of expert designers, analysts, software engineers, software architects and researchers and have crafted hundreds of solutions for the domestic and international clients. They have developed various software products such as SlickHR Suite & InventoryPlus. The proven quality of their software and database solutions gets it into top tech companies in Uganda.

Jentory is located on Plot 401/402 Bombo Road and can easily be reached via its website www.jentroy.com.

5. Infinity Computers

Well known Infinity Computers and Communications Company Limited is no company to be introduced. It’s a provider of ICT services including Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Optic fibre, GSM installation and Call Center services among others.

Also known as i3c, Infinity computers is most popularly known to be the only company registering the .ug .co.ug domains. It’s also well known for it’s first class customer support services. This gets into our list of top tech companies in Uganda.

6. Omnitech Limited

OMNI-Tech Ltd directors started software development as solo consultants working together in 2008 on a capstone mobile data collection tool called openXdata (http://www.openxdata.org/) before registering as a company in 2011. They have over the years built a reputation of providing cutting-edge services to enable organisations manage their businesses efficiently.

They provide a wealth of services including Monitoring & Evaluation, Software Development, Data Collection Tools, Website Development, Mobile App Development and Consultancy.

7. Hostalite

Hostalite is one company that has enjoyed immerse presence and visibility in the Ugandan market in the recent years. They offer services including: Web design and hosting, Domain registration, Software Development, Data Recovery, Internet Marketing, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Computing and consultancy.

Hostalite has grown from a small hosting company with just two servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than twelve thousand domains hosted by Hostalite. It has served a variety of businesses, private and also government. It’s worth noting that they also have presence in Rwanda so, for those Rwandan requiring their services, you can reach them.

8. Data Care (U) Ltd

It’s a software development company in Uganda with countable years of experience in the market. They have to date rolled-out numerous software tools and solutions to clients in different verticals; from banking and finance, education,to non-profits and government.

Data Care has fronting solutions including PROC-NET, PROMISE ERP, CLINIC-NET, SHOP-NET, HRMS.

9. ICT Consults

ICT Consults is a distinctive information & communications technology company with an outstanding range of products and services on offer to make IT work for you. Our aim is to provide IT solutions to make it easier for you to do business.

Its professionals are comprised of highly qualified and experienced staff, lecturers, consultants, IT specialist and researchers who have distinguished themselves as ICT professionals in Uganda and the World over.

10. Javanet Systems

This is an Information, Communications Technology (ICT) company specializing in network connectivity and delivery of Internet, telephony, television as well as cloud-based software application services to corporate and residential customers.

Its primary objective to provide demand-driven quality solutions and business services for a range of clientèle including the enterprise sector and non-governmental organizations in Kampala,Uganda.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely an opinion from the author based on their research. Write back to us in case of any feedback.

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